Fashion - Studio 7∙3∙6 Photography


Some time ago, I produced fashion shows, purely as a means to entertain my guests.  I was also a weekly party producer at a club in New York City at that time.   In NY, there is and was no shortage of aspiring models, designers, and I simply brought people together and provided entertainment for my party guests.

Since I've decided to make photography a income producing activity, aside from my endeavor to develop as an artists, I've decided to bring that artistry to my business of Wedding and Bridal photography.   Fashion photo-sessions go a long way toward helping me understand what is current/trendy, and keeps me active in working with people even when I'm not working for a client.  Practice, practice, practice...  and it's fun...

I'm looking for creative/character models for a couple of artistic projects, as fashion or creative model, shoot an email to me at and let's collaborate!




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